Who is Ackk?

Ackk Studios LLC was founded by Andrew and Brian Allanson in 2010.


(From left to right – Ian Bailey, Jose Alfaro, Brian Allanson, Andrew Allanson, Brigid Allanson)

– Team Ackk  –
Brian Allanson the Director, programming, and primary in-game artist for AckkStudios. Brian’s workflow begins in Blender, creating characters directly in 3D. In additional Blender, Brian employs the use of Photoshop, and Zbrush to craft many of his creations.

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Brigid Allanson graduated from The Kubert School in 2012. Brigid is a concept artist, character designer, and animator for the 2D portions of YIIK. 

Brigid draws all of her illustrations digitally using a Cintiq 1200W with Manga Studio. To finish her drawings, she renders in Photoshop.


Ian Bailey is a level designer and scenario programmer for YIIK. He was responsible for the side quests in Two Brothers/Chromophore.

Ian’s workflow usually begins on paper, drawing detailed maps of the areas he is going to create. From there, he assembles various parts inside of Blender before finishing the levels off inside of Unity.



About the Sound-team


Andrew Allanson (left) is the Lead Composer/Sound Director and co-director of all AckkStudios games. 

Jose Alfaro (right) is foley artist, music producer, and audio engineer. 

Andrew first notates all of the tracks into Sibelius 7, creating loose orchestrations.

Once he’s done, Andrew and Jose begin to arrange and orchestrate in Logic X.

They in addition to recording a plethora of talented musicians, Andrew and Jose record many of the instrumental parts themselves, as well as using various sounds designed specifically for YIIK by Jose.

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