Alex Eggleston, voiced by Chris Niosi (AKA Kibropher15)

Class: Hipster “Scum”

Alex is a recent college graduate who has returned him to discover adult life is not what he expected, or desired. When a young woman vanishes from an elevator, he becomes obsessed with finding out the truth behind her disappearance.

Armed with his favorite LPs and his childhood best friend, a stuffed toy Panda, Alex is ready for anything.

Rory Mancer, voiced by Andrew Fayette (AKA Yuri of Wind)

Class: Conscientious Objector/Healer

Rory is a loner from the internet, who is determined to find his missing thirteen year old sister. She vanished two weeks before Rory reaches out to Alex via ONISM1999(A conspiracy theory message board.) 

Roy is disgusted by violence. He refuses to attack others, and uses his abilities to heal his party, or take damage in their place. He is the sort of person who would take a punch, or even a bullet, for someone he didn’t even like.

Chondra Unkrich, voice by Michael Laws

Class: Hula Hooper

Chondra is graduate student in Psychology.  When she was just a kid her twin brother was kidnapped, and never found. Unlike her brother, she’s spent her adult life making peace with this.

When she isn’t hitting the books Chondra is an avid fan of dance music and hula hooper.

Vella Wilde, voiced by Melanie Ehrlich 

Class: Musical Prodigy 

A gifted pianist from a young age, Vella was hailed as a prodigy of classical music. With time, her recognition faded, and so did her love for performing Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms.

When Alex first encounters Vella she is the change vendor at the Frankton Arcade.

She fights with sound, using her Keytar and amp. This instrument is the anthesis of her childhood.

Michael K., voiced by Clifford Chapin

Class: Photographer

Michael is the youngest party member, and a recent highschool graduate. He is an obsessive conspiracy theorist, and the co-creator of ONISM1999.

His intelligence is alarming, but often hidden. He keeps quiet about all the things he gets up to, and hides his real personality behind a quick whit, and an awkward shyness about his personal life.

Claudio Unkrich, voiced by Anthony Sardinha

Class: Hacky Sack Master

Claudio is the owner of a record store, and a master Hacky Sackist. In addition to his love of music, he is also the an die hard otaku. 

He’s the older brother of Chondra. Unlike his sister, the disappearance of his younger brother hit him hard. He still thinks about him, and is actively running the search for him on ONISM1999.

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